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Kaitlyn – Grapevine High – High School Senior

Kaitlyn is a senior at Grapevine high school.  From the moment you meet her you realize shes’s super down to earth.   Hanging out with her and her Mom you instantly feel like you are a part of their family.  They are both so welcoming and genuinely sweet!  The thing I loved most about her when I first met her is not just her down to earth nature but she is absolutely beautiful and in the most natural way.  She told me she never wears makeup which I get because she has natural beauty and it shines through her amazing smile!  Kaitlyn has a love for soccer and has been playing since she was little girl.  She plays club soccer and for her varsity high school team the lady mustangs.  She’s hard working on the field and in her class room studies.  She’s a member of national honor society, grape nuts spirit club, stucco, peer assisted leadership, fish camp, native American club, and best buddies.   Kaitlyn is taking dual enrollment classes as well and on top of all of that she is a nanny after school during the week.   She is a laid back kind of girl who loves spending time with her family.  She’s super close to them and I adore that!  Her mom and Dad came to her session and I even had the pleasure of meeting her grandmother and grandfather.  Love it!!  I think I may have asked them to adopt me after her session because they are the absolute sweetest family in the world.  She has a big heart and loves animals and also volunteers with project read and feed the children within the community.  Because Kaitlyn’s family is native to grapevine we felt it was only fitting that it be the backdrop for her portrait session.  We spent the afternoon shooting downtown and then ended out by the lake in one of my favorite spots where the sun sets so beautifully through the tall grass.

Kaitlyn will be attending OU in the fall.  I know you will do so great at OU Kaitlyn with your amazing attitude towards life and your big heart you are going to have an amazing new adventure ahead of you.  I am so very glad I met you and your sweet family this year.  Go take on the world sweet girl!!! Lots of hugs ~ Angela




Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 1 (5 of 8)
Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 1 (6 of 8)
Grapevine High School senior Keller High School
Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 1 (1 of 8)
Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 1a
Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 2a

Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 1 (8 of 8)Grapevine High School senior Keller High School 2

Tatum – Colleyville Heritage – Highschool Senior

Tatum is a senior at Colleyville Heritage High School.  She is also one of our Class of 2017 Senior models this year.  There are so many words I would use to describe her  outgoing, friendly, fun-loving, witty, compassionate the list goes on and on but tenacious is at the top of the list.    Tatum has been playing volleyball since she was a little girl and when you watch her play you know her passion truly comes from within.   She is the team captain for her varsity team and she was awarded the most valuable player this year.    I could go on about her accolades with volleyball because she has so many.  Truly this girl is extremely dedicated and talented! She also plays club volleyball and teaches volleyball camp in her free time so you could say her love for the sport runs deep.    Tatum is the perfect example of working hard and achieving your dreams.  She was signed on to play volleyball her sophomore year by Arkansas State University and will be attending there this fall.  Not only is she hard-working on the court she’s equally as hard-working at school taking AP classes, being a member of NHS and Spanish Honor society and involved in Stucco.    Tatum also serves in her community.  She’s been a member of  NCL from the time she was in middle school and organizes charity work with her classmates as well at school.  I love having her on the team this year.  She’s been amazing to work with from the very beginning.   When we were deciding on where to shoot for her session we chose Dallas.  We both felt like the cityscape was the perfect backdrop for her and her fun adorable outfits.   We ended her session with one fall outfit to take advantage of some of the warm tones that TX landscape was displaying at that time.  We of course were sure to incorporate her volleyball and her new team t-shirt.  yay as well!  Tatum you were born a leader and there’s not doubt in mind you are going to do some amazing things over the next few years while you are away at school.  Your hard work and dedication to the things you love in life are truly inspiring.  I know your family is so proud and it’s been an honor getting to know you this year!  I can’t wait to watch your journey in Arkansas…howl yes!!!  Lots of love ~ Angela


Southlake Carroll Colleyville High School Senior (1 of 5)
Southlake Carroll Colleyville High School Senior
Southlake Carroll Colleyville High School Senior 2
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Southlake Carroll Colleyville High School Senior 2a
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Jenna – Grapevine High School – High School Senior

Jenna is a Senior at Grapevine High School and one of our ABP Senior Models for our Class of 2017 team.  From the very first time I met her she was flashing her beaming smile and I instantly knew after chatting with her she’d be a great fit for the team.  When she is with the other girls she brings the best attitude and she’s always making everyone laugh and smile.   She has a heart of gold and all of the girls adore her as much as I do!   She loves spending time with her friends and when she has free time she enjoys wakeboarding and spending time on the lake.   She is a member of NCL, Best Buddies and Stucco as well.  On top of all of that she still finds time to work at one of the yummiest pizza places in town.  On her days off she helps me tremendously with my sweet little Ansley so you could say she has a very special place in both of our hearts!!!  I was so excited for her session because she has the absolute best style and I knew her outfits would be fun and super stylish.  Also she is a complete natural when it comes to the camera and so much fun to work with!  Jenna is still undecided where she will be attending school in the fall but has two schools that are at the top of her list.  I am sure her heart will lead her exactly where she’s meant to be.  Sweetest Jenna I know that you are going to do so much in your life time and with your kind and genuine heart you are going to soar to such great heights.  I am beyond excited to stay in touch with you and watch the journey.  Thanks for being you and all that you bring to the ABP team!!! Lots of love and hugs ~ Angela

Allie – Flower Mound High School – High School Senior

Allie is a Senior at Flower Mound High School. I met Allie through one of my Class of 2016 girls Alex and from the short amount of time I’ve gotten to know her I’ve realized what a strong character she has and what a great friend she is to the people she cares about.  When she’s not busy with school or spending time with her family & friends you can find her working out at her parents gym. Fitness is important to her and her family which I think is absolutely amazing! She’s super close to her family and loves spending time at home with them and just playing with her dogs. Not only is she stunning she’s super down to earth and loves to laugh.   She had a smile on her face the whole time we were shooting which is so genuine and gorgeous of course!   I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with her and her Mom.  Working with the both of them was such a treat!
Allie plans to attend Texas Tech in the fall where she will be studying Animal Science which seems perfect for the girl who loves animals and has a heart of gold don’t you think?  All the best Allie I know with you bright smile and warm kind heart you’ll do amazing things!!! xoxo ~ Angela

Enjoy some of my favorite images from her cheery sunshine filled session!!!



Hannah – Colleyville Heritage High – High School Senior

Hannah is a Senior at Colleyville Heritage High School. After chatting with her for a few minutes you quickly realize just how down to earth she is. She is equally as stunning in person as she is in a photograph and her down to earth personality makes her that much more gorgeous! She is very involved in school and is a part of student council, wells for hope and also participates outside of school in her local chapter of Young Life. Hannah also plays on the varsity basketball team the Lady Panteras as point guard. When she’s not busy with basketball she also is a part of the spirit sisters at school and most Friday nights in the fall you can find her cheering on her favorite football team and spending quality time with her friends. She loves her family and you can tell after a few hours with her and her Mom they all share a very special bond. We had so much fun on her session. She started out in the water in the cold creek and I think the barefoot images where the perfect addition to her session since she’s definitely a down to earth kind of gal! We tried our best to include some sweet sunflowers in her session until we were chased out of the field…lets just say that story will go down in history!!! She and her Mom were such good sports and we still were able to include those sought after pretty fall sunflowers haha!!

Hannah I am so honored you chose me to document your Senior year. It was such a treat working and meeting you and your Mom. I know the future is going to be extremely bright for you and there’s no doubt in my mind you are going to charm the world with your sweet smile and warm heart. I am excited to watch the journey!!! Lots of love ~ Angela